M83 :: "We Own The Sky" Official Video

M83's Saturdays=Youth was easily one of our favorite albums last year and still gets regular play these days. Anthony Gonzalez and company had a video contest for their next single, We Own The Sky". Upon receiving numerous entries over the past several months, they finally chose a winner to bestow the title, "official video".

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The "official video" was directed by Young Replicant, a teenage director's label and design collective hailing from Los Angeles. It consists of Alex Takacs (Director, DP), Joe Nankin (Director, Producer), Adam Kauper (DP, Camera Operator), and Jackson Siedenberg (Special Effects).

Their goal with this video was to interpret the pure, emotional essence of "We Own the Sky", and then communicate it through a simple story about young love, lens flares, and a confetti party. They set out to capture the beauty that lies between the daunting uncertainty and eternal optimism of youth, a theme they felt was prevalent in Saturday=Youth and one which resonated in their own lives.

Anthony Gonzalez (aka M83) says of this video:

"I like the atmosphere of it cause it fits perfectly to the music and the lyrics. It's exactly what I had in mind when I wrote the song."
The video is supposed to debut on Pitchfork later this month, but why wait? We have it for you down below. The Youtube version got taken down so Pitchfork could put their's up. Here it is, enjoy.

Check out some of the runners up as well:
SpanielProductions (Spencer Dennis and Daniel Spangler)
Chewviewer (Jason Chiu and Chris Amos)
wpk01 (Warren Kommers) *Meant to be watched in 3-D*
eSub (Eric Sobczak)
nyez123 (Ian Larsson)
plasticheart8 (Mark Pariselli)
MateiMocanu (Matei-Alexandru Mocanu)
mattrileyalcom (Matthew Alcorn)
NeonRoboticStudios (Justin Giritlian)
WhiteTree101 (Eddie Aguilar and Jose Flores)

Even though this video from David Altobelli didn't win, it's still pretty cool.