Coachella 2009 :: Set Times Announced

Coachella will be here tomorrow, and even though we're missing out we're no strangers to the festival. This is the 10th year for the festival and we are proud to say we have attended seven of them. As much as we would like to go we have a ton of stuff going on here that's keeping us away. For those that are going the set times are up. Most reaction has been good to the way the artists are scheduled. Our opinion though.... this would be a nightmare as far as personal schedules, especially on Friday. So much good music going on all over but the Sahara tent line up is insane! Hopefully Crystal Castles likes the sound of their kick drum :)

Take note California: Ghostland Observatory.
You will not be sorry....

As always, watch live performances at home via the AT&T Blueroom, [here].

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