Ultra8201 presents Ume, True Widow and The White White Lights :: May 2nd at La Zona Rosa

5.2 Flier by you.

We had originally planned for an April 10th show but decided to put it off in favor of a show in May. The extra time gave us the freedom to put together a fantastic lineup. We are proud to announce our May 2nd show at La Zona Rosa. On the bill will be Ume, True Widow and The White White Lights.

Here's what others are saying about the bands:

Ume: (Photos by John Pesina)

Ume's live show is definitely a sight to see. In addition to being a favorite among bloggers here in Austin, they were featured on WOXY.com during this year's SXSW. WOXY.com is not just an online radio station but also features a great blog you should check out called The Futurist. Innocent Words recently featured them on the cover of their magazine, with an article inside as well.

The trio even played a set during our good buddy and fellow Austin blogger, Covert Curiosity's SXSW party at Ace's Lounge. They were also recently featured on one our favorite blogs from Canada, Chromewaves. Frank was totally taken aback after seeing them on his first night at this year's SXSW. In his words, "Ume simply killed it and set the bar for the rest of the night - hell, the rest of the festival - appropriately high."

"Straight from Austin’s fertile post-rock scene, home of genre stalwarts Trail Of Dead and Explosions In The Sky, shoegazers Ume (say that “oo-may”) sound a lot bigger than a typical rock trio. Fronted by petite Kim Gordon-esque bombshell Lauren Larson, the energetic band, teetering on a rail between poppy ’90s alt-rock and a noise-focused sonic assault, are only on their second EP. On the slow-burning bipolar jam “The Conductor” Larson’s sultry, echoing vocals—ranging from a sing-song melodic instrument to a barely audible near-whisper—are second only to the song’s bombastic instrumental pomp. Math breakdown punctuate rip-roaring guitar driven “The Means,” and the repetitive yet subtle hooks of closer “Pendulum” display Ume’s ability to manipulate the standard pop-rock sounds without becoming a cliché. They’ve found their feet on a nice middle ground—in Sunshower’s five short, exquisitely polished tracks, Ume delivers a dynamic rock aesthetic that doesn’t rest upon classic three-chord rock-n-roll haunches." - Lisa Hresko, CMJ

As Dan Phillips' previous band Slowride (moderately well known in punk and "emo" circles for their pummeling onslaught and lyrical wit) dissolved, the songwriter was slowly taking a different turn. He moved away from his native Texas to Massachusetts to be trained in the old ways of woodworking and for a while there was a question of if he would ever craft another tune. While the cold and solitude certainly had their effect they allowed him to reflect and turn inwards to build something new. Songs started to emerge, but they were not what was expected. The songs that would become the first True Widow material were extremely personal, heavy, melodic, and surprisingly not at breakneck speeds.

Austin’s The White White Lights leads nowhere but an ever widening circle that takes one effortlessly through the rock subgenres, eliciting comparisons to bands as varied as Sonic Youth, Tori Amos, Radiohead, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, among others. The haunting vocals and raw, introspective lyrics of Jenny Gacy collide spectrally with Jonas Wilson’s masterful production and intoxicating swirls of guitar build-ups to create hallucinations of staggering walls of sound and noir love songs half whispered and half screamed at dissolving ghosts. The precision and roundhouse vigor provided by the band’s core, Misti Watkins on bass and Davy Hamrick on drums, brings a firm foundation to let the sound expand continuously throughout their sets.

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All three bands also have some other great shows planned in the near future.

Ume will be playing with White Denim and Corto Maltese at The Parish this Friday (Ume takes the stage around 10:30ish). On April 23rd they will be performing with I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness on the Mohawk's outside stage (tickets are $10, buy them here). Then on May 23rd they will be opening for The Octopus Project at the Granada Theater (tickets are $12-$16, buy them here) in Dallas.

True Widow will be playing the totally FREE Good Records 9th Anniversary Party/Record Store Day this Saturday in Dallas (they play the indoor stage at 7:30PM). On May 21st, they will performing with Ponytail and Fight Bite at The Cavern in Dallas.

The White White Lights will be headlining the 101x Homegrown Live show at Creekside Lounge on April 22nd. They will also be performing on May 7th inside the Mohawk with The Morakestra (who will also be having a CD release party that night).