Delphic :: "Counterpoint" Video

Delphic, a foursome from Manchester was formed out of the ashes of some of the member's previous band, Snow Fight In The City Centre.  Currently on tour with Bloc Party in Europe, Delphic has a sound reminiscent of New Order and has even been compared to one of our favorites, Klaxons.

Their live shows are a seamless composition of authentic yet progressive live dance, free from jokes and mindless banter. They figure the audience is there to listen to their music, not to try to throw out one-liners. They often dress in all black at their live shows as well, not necessarily a uniform, but they want people to focus on the music and not particularly to what they are wearing.

We're really enjoying their debut single, "Counterpoint". Filmed on a band member's phone by director,, it really does seem to fit the song perfectly.