SXSW Hangover, Random Thought's and Interesting Links....

Just a couple of thoughts from this past week.

R.I.P =The Famousish :: Seems the guys decided to call it quits this week and wow are we going to miss them. Our first encounter with the blog led us to a Hot Chip after party at somebodies house during ACL weekend. We don't remember many of the details from that night but I know we had a good time and I will always thank them for that. Check out the archives and drop a comment begging them to reconsider.

Yeah Yeah Yeah's in Tornillo {Photo-Nick Zinner}

El Paso,TX Is the New Brooklyn? :: Vanity Fair just put the best article up about how El Paso has become ground zero for a "new' musical movement with artists like the Yeah Yeah Yeah's (pictured above) recording in the West Texas city and Beck playing secret shows there. Being from El Paso it's good to see that people are starting take notice.

Bun B by robertcastro.Bun B by robertcastro.
Bun B performs at Fader Fort {Photo Credit: Robert Castro}

SXSW Recaps will be done by this weekend :: Hope everyone is enjoying all the videos and pictures we were able to put together from last weeks SXSW. We have a few more and will be wrapping up our recap over the weekend. Then move on to the upcoming tours rolling through town as well as coverage of the Coachella and Sasquatch Festivals.

Nites' Hate Mail :: Videographer and fellow Austin blogger Nites' received the funniest hate mail today. So funny in fact that he dedicated and entire post to it. Check out the entire post by clicking on the link above. I didn't know Built By Snow had such dedicated fans! Oh and if anyone from Built By Snow sees this we would love to know your thoughts on this letter. Please.

Our show :: We are putting together a show right now that will be happening on April 10th. Mark your calendars and we will have details next week. We are pretty much putting all of our favorite bands on one bill. Keep checking back for that and clear your calendars....