"Dead Venues Live" (Ep. 4) :: Liberty Lunch Feat. The Steps

Music reflects history, and so do the places that play host to countless shows, crowds and scenes over time. Dead Venues Live combines today's artists with yesterday's haunts, showcasing performances by up-and-coming bands on location, where these landmark venues first started checking IDs. (Via Dell Lounge)

We've already discussed a few of the now-defunct venues around Austin. Ep. 1 brought us Ume thrashing about in an alley of the Frost Bank, otherwise known as where Club Foot used to stand. The Strange Boys got their turn in Ep. 3 to play in what used to be known as The Ritz before it was turned into The Ritz: Alamo Drafthouse.

Dead Venues Live takes a look at what was one of Austin's most popular venues - The Liberty Lunch. Now a retail store in Austin's condo-filled warehouse district, The Liberty Lunch would showcase every genre - from country to grunge. Whenever the name is mentioned, people always say how great the venue was. It's a shame it's no longer there. Ron Marks from 80s group The Texas Instruments explains more.

Here are The Steps performing "Blonde Smoke".