Kanye West at The FADER FORT?

We have been sitting on this one for a few days but today the rumors started circulating and we thought we would throw in our opinion. Or make the rumor worse?

Everyone is talking about Kanye West being the surprise guest on Saturday at The FADER Fort. The line up boast performances by Rick Ross, Jadakiss and others. But it's the last set of the show that makes this rumor seem like it might be true. From 8:30 - 11 they have it listed as "Good Music with Kid Cudi, Big Sean, GLC, Consequence, Really Doe, Tony Williams, Mr. Hudson and special guests".  GOOD MUSIC  just happens to be a label ran by none other than Mr.West and he has been heavily promoting Kid Cudi over the last few weeks and even appearing with him on occasion. Plus his DJ (A-Trak) is in town doing a couple of shows during the week.

We drove by the new venue last night and it looks like they have constructed a rather large stage and it's a lot bigger site than last year. Could this be true? Is he still rocking that mullet?

I might get there early Saturday.....