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Last Night: Adele at La Zona Rosa

Adele is one of the most talented singers I have seen in years. Usually you see a singer killing themselves to have the range that she does vocally but when she performed tonight it all came across so effortlessly. She spoke about choosing to play before SXSW rather than during it because she wanted her true fans to be able to enjoy the show instead of industry types. Talk about an artist having a great relationship with her fans.  The set was filled with fun covers and she playfully conversed with the crowd the entire set all while being truly surprised when they applauded her. 

Adele by you.
Adele by you.

The highlight of the night came when she covered The Raconteurs "Many Shades Of Black". We managed to get a video of it (Excuse the first 10 seconds, I ran over once she started).