Last Night: LA Riots at The Church (Denver, Co)

Do you remember where you where in 1992? Many of us were clued to our television sets watching the Los Angeles riots unfold right in front of our eyes. On Thursday night the Mile High City of Denver, Colorado witnessed a different form of LA Riots, this time in the form of the DJ super-group hailing from the left coast. On a bill that featured Kid Cudi, who ultimately cancelled last minute to be on BET’s 106 and Park show to debut his new video Day N’ Nite. Although many in the crowd were left out in the cold (literally) with Cudi’s cancellation, Daniel LeDisko of LA Riots turned the one-time gothic church venue into an all out dance party. With customary club banging remixes that are associated with the Los Angeles duo, the crowd seemed to enjoy hit after hit. Even the club dancers were dressed in scantily clad riot gear to celebrate the occasion. After a few songs the club seemed to forget that Kid Cudi had cancelled and let loose to the beat of one of the West Coast’s finest. Blending a mix of indie and electro Daniel ignited the floor with remixes of The Ting Tings and Stevie Nicks to name a few. Currently on tour the duo will return to Denver in April after a stint next month at SXSW where I’m sure I will see at a random day party enjoying the Texas heat.