N.A.S.A.: The Spirit of Apollo Trailer

If you haven't heard N.A.S.A. yet, you better get onboard. Their debut album, The Spirit Of Apollo drops on February 17th via Anti and features a whole mess of people (David Byrne, Lykke Li, Karen O, Santogold, Kanye West, M.I.A., Spank Rock and many, many more).  All it took was a few DJs by the name of Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon to get all these artists together. Check out the track list here.

Left to Right: Sage Vaughn.  Top: Mark Gonzalez, Shepard Fairey.  Bottom: Marcel Dzama, The Date Farmers.

There are 5 versions of the cover that will come with every album purchased.  With each disc will be a sleeve for you to display your favorite piece or, if you’d like, you can swap them out with each other as many times as you see fit.

The 5 versions were created by Squeak E. Clean homies and artistic heavyweights Sage Vaughn, Mark Gonzales, Shepard Fairey, Marcel Dzama and The Date Farmers all of whom dug deep and came out with brilliantly different interpretations of the N.A.S.A. concept.

Not only did they contribute a cover, but each artist’s work will also be featured in videos for songs off of The Spirit of Apollo.  The first one being Shepard Fairey’s signature stylings in the video for “Money” featuring David Byrne, Chuck D., Ras Congo, Seu Jorge and Z-Trip.

We've already given you their videos for "Money" and "Hip-Hop".  Now, check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary to see a little more info on the creative collaboration between the DJs and a few of the artists.

N.A.S.A. will be performing at SXSW this year, as well as Coachella.