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Learning Secrets presents J.G Wilkes of Optimo at Beauty Bar (12/10)

A couple of weeks ago when we finished up our round of Fun Fun Fun Fest parties we thought we would take a break from sponsoring shows for the year. That plan kinda changed after a visit to Learning Secrets HQ. They went on about Optimo and how it was one of the best parties they have ever gone to. This definitely caught our attention given that they throw such fantastic parties. Long story short the show is set with J.G Wilkes making his way down to Austin. We are indeed involved and now it's time for you to be too. Here is some background info:

JG Wilkes is one half of Glasgow's weekly Sunday clubbing ritual: Optimo Espacio "Glasgow's finest underground clubbing institution". Wilkes dj's from vinyl, incorporating cross genre records with the common thread of a real groove - be it disco, reggae, shuffle, wonky rock'n'roll or primitive electronica, and when he plays there is only one place you want to be: on your feet dancing.

As well as djing around the world, Wilkes produces and remixes at his own studio, Hottrax in Glasgow. Working with his studio partner, James Savage under the name " Naum" they have made various releases with Kompakt Records (Cologne) and produced remixes as "Naum Gabo" for many artists including Hot Chip, Franz Ferdinand, The Lotterboys, The Switches, Snow Patrol, Sons and Daughters, Archie Bronson Outfit and Midnight Mike.

The whole thing goes down Thursday December 10th. If you RSVP now (and we suggest you do) cover will only be $3 bucks / $5 w/out. Can we sweeten the deal with $2 Papst Tall boys? Done. Also, keep an eye out next week for our interview with Wilkes and a chance to win tickets to the show. Plus our good friends at Birds Barbershop will also be giving away tickets on 12/9 at the E. 6th Street location. Keep an eye out for that too.