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New Spoon | "The Mystery Zone" [Stream]

Just last week it was announced, Spoon's new album Transference will be coming out early next year, Jan. 26th to exact, via Merge. Having already heard a few of the new songs ("Is Love Forever", "Got Nuffin") at one of Spoon's shows during the first of their 3 night concert weekend back at Stubb's in July, now we get to hear another new track. Stream "The Mystery Zone" down below (cuts off at the 4:59 mark, but you get the idea of how good the new album is going to be), and also check out the tracklist. (via)

Our "offices" were stormed by a SWAT team and we were forced at gunpoint to take the song down. Hope you got a listen.... :)


  1. Before Destruction
  2. Is Love Forever? (Watch live video)
  3. The Mystery Zone
  4. Who Makes Your Money
  5. Written in Reverse
  6. I Saw the Light
  7. Trouble Comes Running
  8. Goodnight Laura
  9. Out Go the Lights
  10. Got Nuffin (Listen)
  11. Nobody Gets Me But You
(Photo Cred: Autumn de Wilde)

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