BLAKROC Album out 11/27

It's all over the net right now so I am sure you have heard of it. But Blakroc is certainly one of our most anticipated releases this year. It will be available 11/27 FYI. What is it? A collaboration between one of our favorite bands The Black Keys and some of hip hops finest. On it you will get tracks featuring Mos Def, Raekwon, RZA, Ludacris and more. They have a trailer and 9 "webisodes" up on the official site. Here is one of my favorite quotes from the making of the album:

Even (Black Keys guitarist) Dan Auerbach "lost his shit" while making the album. With Wu-Tang Clan making the guitarist's top five bands list of all time, watching Raekwon put together his verses blew his mind. "He was sorta what I imagined watching Bob Dylan work in his prime would be like. Raekwon came in, heard the music, got inspired and just sat down and started writing. He wrote like 20 verses, just like that, in 45 minutes. And everything that he says is so visual, such a story. His rhyme schemes are just insane."