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Get Ready for a Fun Fun Fun Fest Scavenger Hunt This Saturday

Next month's Fun Fun Fun Fest (Nov. 7th & 8th) marks the end of the 2009 Austin festival scene. After a crazy SXSW and a muddy ACL, a great weekend to finish it off sounds awesome. If you still haven't bought your tickets yet, FunX3 Fest is having a scavenger hunt this Saturday. Teams (2 – 5 people) will compete to win tickets to FFF and even VIP Upgrade. The competition starts at Red 7 (611 E. 7th), with sign up beginning at 6pm. The hunt lasts from 7-10pm and will end at the Waterloo Park parking lot (12th and Red River). It doesn't cost anything to enter, but they do ask you bring five cans of food per person to donate to Caritas of Austin. More info, including rules/prizes are down below. (via)


* Teams will be made up of 2 – 5 people.
* Each team MUST have a name.
* The Scavenger Hunt list will include 50 items, announced at kick off location.
* Each item is worth a specific amount of points.
* The team with the most points wins the grand prize and points will be totaled at end of the game.
* All teams will be encouraged to dress in costumes. This is worth 25 extra points (team portraits will be taken inside of Red 7). Examples: Gangs from The Warriors, fave band (ie Turbonegro, Run DMC, Devo, etc)...you get the point.
* MUST bring a digital camera of some sort, cellphone camera are OK as well.
* This is all ages and open to the public.


* The winning team will receive FFF Fest weekend passes for the entire team. IF the teammates already have fun fun fun passes, your tickets will be upgraded to PIPs.
* Over $500 in prizes and gift certificates to a number of our FFF vendors, such as: free haircuts from Birds Barbershop, gift card to Prototype Vintage, free food at Boomerang's Pies, free funnel cakes and more from Snowie onsite at fest, free gift certificates for food at Frank, free popcorn from Cornucopia, gift certificates to Woodland restaurant and Jamie's Spanish Village, free gift cards to Tiff's Treats cookie shop, Kebabaliscious awesomeness, bags and cell phone covers from Incase, Alamo Draft house passes and much, much more!
* FREE tickets to these TEN (!!!) upcoming Transmission Entertainment shows:

1) Islands @ Mohawk (10/27)
2) Jello Biafra (dead kennedys) @ Red 7 (10/28)
3) Black Angels @ Mohawk (10/30)
4) Municipal Waste @ Red 7 (11/12)
5) Thao and the Get Down Stay Down @ Mohawk (11/ 12)
6) Revival Tour w/ Chuck Ragan and more @ Red 7 (11/13)
7) Friendly Fires, The XX @ Mohawk (11/19)
8) Eyedea and Abilities w/ Themselves @ The Highball (11/19)
9) J. Tillman (of Fleet Foxes) @ Mohawk (11/27)
10) Cursive @ Mohawk (11/27)