FREE WEEK 2009: Day 7

It's the seventh day of Free Week and Emo's has one of the best shows the week has to offer in our opinion.

Emo's:  (Inside)
El Paso Hot Button, Ume, Harlem, and The Blacks at Emo's.  Doors @ 8, Show @ 10.

El Paso Hot Button

El Paso Hot Button is the moniker for Mickey Reece, aka "the musician who can play everything by himself."  He was one of our essential artists to watch at last year Fun X3 Fest.  Richard has seen him a few times, but tonight will be my first time seeing "the one-man band."  You can check out a video of him jamming out here.

Another I've been digging lately is Harlem.  I can't stop listening to their debut album Free Drugs ;).  We wrote about them playing on Days 1 & 2 of Free Week.  We expect some big things from this local band.  Don't miss em'.

Preceding Harlem will be Ume, also another one of our essential artists at last year's Fun X3 Fest.  We've seen them many times in the past year and the thing I love about the trio, is they give it their all no matter the size of the crowd (although lately their crowds have getting bigger and bigger).  Don't let the size of singer Lauren Larson fool you, this girl can flat out rock (see picture above).  They're also releasing an new EP on January 24th at The Mohawk.

San Francisco's The Blacks (not to be confused with local band The Black) open the show.  If I could describe them, Luisa Black's (singer) voice reminds me a little of Karen O and the music resembles that of The Jesus and Mary Chain.  The trio are currently on tour with El Paso Hot Button as well.

Loxsly, Haunting Oboe Music, and Peel at Club De Ville.  Starts @ 9.

[Haunting Oboe Music]

Headlining the evening will be Loxsly, a quintet who our friends at Austin Sound are big fans of.  They describe them as "southern steel guitar mixed with vocal harmonies and solid bass and drum.Past their obvious influences like The Flaming Lips and 1960’s pop, Loxsly’s unique approach to indie pop-rock has given them the ability to rise above in a saturated genre."

Last year, Haunting Oboe Music took on the daunting task of releasing a new EP every month.  Talk about a truly hard working band!  If you missed your chance to see them on Sunday, this will be the last time they play until SXSW.  They also have a tour planned sometime in April as well.  Check out their video for "Homeless" here.  Our friend Ajay over at 'Nites has video of the opening band Peel.