FREE WEEK(END) 2009: Day 2 and Day 3

Hopefully everyone made it out to at least one of the amazing shows that was going on last night. The party continues this weekend so we will keep going with the previews. There are so many options this weekend regardless of your musical tastes. Here are some of our suggestions. What a way to start the year off!

Saturday :: January 3rd

Riverboat Gamblers, Harlem, Alright Tonight 

If you missed out on Harlem last night here is your second chance of the week, they are joined by Austin favorite The Riverboat Gamblers. They haven't been seen around in a whie so maybe we can get a sneak peek at some new material.

Bankrupt and the Borrowers, Cartright, Whitman, The Greyhounds 

Bankrupt and the Borrowers are a dirty crew of vagrants and scoundrels, and, as such, they come from a long line of decadent tradition and pain. They are, as their name eludes . . . poor.  They live together in a house in Austin Texas. Usually you can find someone passed out somewhere in one of the many rooms. There is incomprehensible writing scrawled all over the walls alongside marker drawings and sprawling holes.

[The Greyhounds]

The Ugly Beats, The Jungle Rockers, Amplified Heat, Dans La Lune

What Made Milwaukee Famous, Oh No! Oh My!, The Pons, The Mercers, The Georgian Company

WMMF is an Austin staple and I don't think we could have a free week show without them. Their latest effort really grew on me over the year and seeing lead singer Michael Kincaid at pretty much every show I went to impressed me so much. Anyone that into music may know what they are doing.

Til We're Blue or Destroy, Hollywood Gossip, Ichi Ni San 

Til We’re Blue or Destroy (TWBOD) is an energetic, nine-piece pop/rock band from Austin, Texas. Originally started by Will Rhodes in early 2005 as a recording project incorporating most of his musically inclined friends, TWBOD soon became an actual band. The group takes advantage of the versatility of their large lineup by at times melding vocal harmonies similar to Stars’ Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan; dipping through melodic, shoegaze Brit-pop; and s
plashing bursts of electronics and horns into their continually danceable beats. 


Tiny Vipers, Balmorhea, Precious Blood 

Being a solo acoustic female singer songwriter comes with its share of conspicuous baggage. And, Seattle’s Jesy Fortino, who records and performs as Tiny Vipers, has been spared little of it: she’s played coffee shops, on mismatched bills with by-the-book folkies, and fielded far too many questions that address her gender rather than her music

Sunday :: January 4th

The Always Already, Haunting Oboe Music, Prayer for Animals,

Some of my favorite local bands all in one bill. When the line up was first announced for free week this was one of the shows I was instantly excited about

The Tunnels, Christian Bland (of The Black Angels), Elvis, Woven Bones, The Astronaut Suit, DJ Scorpio 

I'm curious to see Christian Bland do some solo material so this might be worth the trip alone.