Last Night: Steve Aoki at The Church (Denver, CO)

To be more specific The Church nightclub here in Denver. Kid Millionaire himself brought his crazy West Coast party mayhem to The Mile High Thursday night to the delight of the near sold out crowd. This was my first time seeing the Dim Mak Records founder himself, always seeming to miss him wherever I went. I am a frequent observer to the Dim Mak blogs and found myself thinking, could the Denver crowd be as hyped as those Los Angeles crowds at Cinespace? The answer an overwhelming Hell Yeah!!!

One thing stands out when Aoki is on the decks he seems to feed off the crowd's energy where usually the crowd feeds off the DJ. Playing his blend of Nu-Electro the once former gothic Church venue was pulsating and erupting in an all out dance party of epic proportions. The highlight of the night came when Aoki played his now famous Weird Science Remix(Weird Science is the moniker by which Aoki and Blake Miller of the group Moving Units go by)of Bloc Party's "Helicopter", soon after going into an electro version of Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name Of". The well-traveled DJ mashes an eclectic set electro mixed in with a dose of indie and you have yourself a sure fire party anthem.


Steve Aoki- BBC1 Radio Essential Mix

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