Scion House Party Presents: Juan MacLean At Beauty Bar

We mentioned this before and hopefully everyone has RSVP'd already but after checking out The Juan McLeans Tour Diary from MySpace we had to update this post with Day 23. Check it out and get ready for 1/22...

Juan MacLean tour diary, day 23 - Juarez, Mx

So I'm sitting minding my own business at Hardpop in Juarez (an awesome club, btw), listening to the gunshots outside and hoping to escape without becoming involved in one of the nightly homicides, when these two young Mexican girls approach me screaming my name. 
"Juan MacLean, Oh My God you are the Greatest!!"
"Sure I am honey...."
"Juan, my english is terrible, do you mind if I kiss you on the mouth with my tongue?"
"Did you brush your teeth before leaving the house?" 

Scion House Party Austin - January