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Last Night: GZA performing Liquid Swords at Emo's

GZA at Emo's 9.3.08

These kind of hip hop shows can be hit or miss and for the first hour it was pulled off perfectly. The GZA managed to perform his masterpiece Liquid Swords pretty much in order with back up from Wu-Tang associate Killah Priest. At times they only did snippets of songs which I can agree was kind of frustrating but they did follow through on all the strongest tracks off the album. It tapered off towards the end but they still managed to throw in some rarer tracks from other albums and a dead on cover of ODB's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and the Wu-Tang classic "Clan in Da Front".

GZA at Emo's 9.3.08

GZA at Emo's 9.3.08

GZA - Cold World (Live at Emo's 9/3/08)

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