Radiohead Plans Remix Project For "Reckoner"

With the Radiohead "Nude" remix being so popular, the band has decided to do one for "Reckoner" as well. The band sent an email today to fans who partook in the "Nude" project, offering advance access to stems for In Rainbows highlight "Reckoner" and revealing that those stems will go up for digital sale to the general public on Tuesday, September 23. As with "Nude", the stems divide the song into its component parts.

For "Reckoner", fans can nab tracks for "Lead Vocal", "Backing Vocal", "Guitars", "Bass", "Drums", and "Piano/Strings".

While we don't know if the remix project will be exactly like the "Nude" one, we'll find out come this Tuesday (9/23) at Radiohead also went on to say, ""Please remember if you wish to commercially exploit the stems in any way you need permission from us. You don't have any legal ownership of this music simply by cutting it up or whatever." [Via Pitchfork]

Radiohead - Reckoner (mp3)

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