Radio Room Won't Open Until Next Spring

Transmission Entertainment's Radio Room is a new music venue in Austin. It's located at 508 E. 6th St. (formerly Bourbon Rocks). The 1,000 capacity club was supposed to play host to Of Montreal this November 13, but there's been a change in plans. Radio Room will instead open next Spring. The show will still go on, but it's been moved to Fiesta Gardens (2101 Bergman Ave.). You can buy tickets for the show here for $18.

With T.E.’s Fun Fun Fun Fest on the horizon for Nov. 8 and 9, the gang has got plenty to do besides rush open a club, so co-owner Michael Terrazos (Club DeVille) says, “we’re looking at an early spring opening.” Imagine the 1,000-capacity Room, Radio will be up and running by the second weekend in March. [Via Austin360]
Looks like just in time for SXSW...

[Transmission Entertainment Official Site]