Last Night: My Morning Jacket @ Austin City Limits

My Morning Jacket

We finally made it down to our first ever ACL taping. And after the experience we had, I can only kick myself that I didn't attend sooner. MMJ was in true form coming off a show at Stubb's that had been sold out for quite some time. The band mentioned on more than one occasion that the temperature was "slightly" different than the night before. They lead off the night with selections from the latest album "Evil Urges" and then moved in to more familiar territory as the night went on.

Setlist for MMJ

The new album is quite different and has raised mixed emotions from die hards but I have to say that the tracks are strong, and the songs that stood out most were 'Thank You Too' and 'Highly Suspicious'. Lead singer Jimmy James has found his inner Prince and the results equal a hell of a time. This episode will be airing on November 1st.

Check out the KLRU blog for another review of the show. Also thanks to them for mentioning us!

The only thing missing from the set was the bands cover of Erykah Badu's "Tyrone" which the band performed with Badu in Dallas a few days back.

My Morning Jacket & Erykah Badu - "Tyrone" / Dallas 8.23.08

Photos are prohibited withing the studios so we didn't any shot from the show but we did manage to pick up the set list (above) for those interested. And I have to say the staff was awesome! Good people. We also have more links below...

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