Glastonbury 2008


Just because we weren't there doesn't mean we can't talk about it. In my heart Coachella is king but this is THE essential festival to attend. As fans of music festivals around this country we don't think we are too far away from making the trek across the pond and experiencing this one for ourselves. For now we thought we would highlight what we though was cool from this weekends fest.

Jay-Z handled the previous Oasis criticism of him being a headliner by opening with "Wonderwall" then breaking into a "99 Problems"-AC/DC medley and delivering a career defining performance. You can watch the whole performance here. [LINK]

You can also catch full performance videos by..

Hot Chip
Kings of Leon
We Are Scientists
Amy Winehouse
The Raconteurs
[Full List]

Amy Winehouse punched someone in the crowd. Here it is in slow motion. [YouTube]
Lupe Fiasco delivered another great performance. [Hip Hop Galaxy]
Hot Chip covered Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" [NME]