Car Stereo (Wars) Farewell Show

We have it up in the weekend show preview but this deserves it's own post. Car Stereo (Wars) our favorite local DJ is throwing one hell of a farewell party on Saturday Night. It's all going down at Beauty Bar and the hipsters will be glowing in the dark. That's right, neon glowing American Apparel will be all over the place. But seriously, CSW has always thrown excellent parties with themes that actually work. Check out his vision for this one:

I was inspired to rip Kanye West know how when a big movie like Twister or Godzilla comes out, there are always those straight to video knockoffs called "Tornado!" or "Dragon Monsters!" and stuff like that. Well, this party is Tornado! to Kanye's Twister. I just wanted to see The Beauty Bar transformed into a glowing blacklight dance party. awesome.

Car Stereo (Wars)-Ghostface Observatory(mp3)

Here's the rundown:

Car Stereo (Wars) Farewell Show: Get Glowing!

A Neon party featuring: Car Stereo (Wars)
L.A.X. Killtronix (Dallas, TX)

Saturday May 31st @ The Beauty Bar

w/ FREE Glow in the Dark Photos courtesy of Nash Cook
FREE Glow Bracelet or Necklace for EVERYONE all night.

Glow in the Dark Punch!
...and more!