Austin Concerts This Week (5/19 - 5/24)

Here are our recommendations for this week.

Monday (5/19):

  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Duke Spirit, The Strange Boys at Antones [Tickets] $20

Tuesday (5/20):

Wednesday (5/21):

Friday (5/23):

Saturday (5/24):

  • The Kills, Dax Riggs, Child Ballads at Antones [Tickets] $14
  • The Black and White Years, Pretty Baby, The Boxing Lesson at Emo's (lounge) [Tickets] $8

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 666 Conducer (mp3)
Duke Spirit - Lassoo (mp3)
Clinic - The Witch (mp3)
Ladyhawk - The Dugout (mp3)
The Kills - Love Is A Deserter (mp3)
The Black and White Years - Power To Change (mp3)