N*E*R*D - "Everyone Nose" Video featuring Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan

You already know the story of the Neptunes. World-famous producers and songwriters, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, over the course of their decade-long career, have literally changed the course of music. It started with the redefining of hip-hop, the two of them wielding a minimalist, synthesized palette and a limitless imagination to create a sound that was as sophisticated and elegant as it was raw and rhythmic. Soon the Neptunes would alter the landscape of pop music, as well, creating driving rhythm & blues influenced work that artists in every genre would seek out to help establish their creative impulses. They have worked with everyone from Madonna and Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani; from Britney Spears and Busta Rhymes to Kelis and the Clipse. Think of your favorite songs in the last ten years: most of them are Neptunes productions.

But N*E*R*D* are not the Neptunes, and the Neptunes are not N*E*R*D*."The Neptunes is what we do, but N*E*R*D* is who we are. It's our life," Pharrell would say in 2000, in describing the group that includes him, Chad and longtime friend and creative wunderkind, Shae. The three of them together combine for uninhibited explorations of sounds, emotions and truth, adhering to no agenda, subscribing to no rules. N*E*R*D* is the way they live their life, the way they see the world.

You can purchase "Everyone Nose" on iTunes [here]
And check out the live Letterman Performance [here]