Omar Rodriguez-Lopez and Late Friend Jeremy Ward Collaboration To Get Proper Release

Back in 2001, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez released a self-titled album with the help of the late Jeremy Ward, who passed away in 2003. It was limited to 200 copies and released only on MiniDisc, so chances are most people haven't heard it, myself included.

Fast forward to 2008 and the collaboration will finally get the proper release it deserves. This album was created after the breakup of At The Drive-In and before The Mars Volta's first release, The Tremulant EP. The album will be released on June 10 via Infrasonic Sound Recording Co. According to the press release, the album is a "playful, abstract concoction of manipulated sounds and processed, unrecognizable recordings of household objects, everyday activities, passing dialog, and similar ephemera." [Via Tiny Mix Tapes]

The tracklisting is down below.

1. Sounder of Tame Swine
2. A Tightrope Supports Our Festering
3. Salvo
4. Impoverished Beliefs
5. Heathrow Waltz
6. Swill the Ranks
7. Gidi Prime
8. Swiss Armor Tank
9. Improvised Beliefs
10. Host to Fairweather Friends

[Photo by braulque]