Björk's Video For "Wanderlust"

Björk has a new video for "Wanderlust" (Awesome still from the video up above). It was shot in both 2-D (which we have for you down below) and 3-D and was produced by Ghost Robot.

On April 19, the 3-D version will be screened across the country at independent record retailers as part of Record Store Day. For the event, over 300 stores will distribute 10,000 glasses for viewings to take place at in-store kiosks.

If you send a self addressed stamped envelope to One Little Indian Records, they will be sent a pair of 3-D glasses. Requests should be sent to One Little Indian Records 34 Trinity Crescent, London SW17 7AE, UK marked 3-D Glasses.

Both the music video and 3-D glasses are included in the “Wanderlust” limited edition single package with two double heavy 12” vinyl as well as a CD of remixes by Matthew Herbert, Mark Stent and Ratatat. One Little Indian’s singles series for Björk’s critically acclaimed Volta also includes “Innocence,” “Earth Intruders,” “Declare Independence” and “Dull Flame of Desire.”

Tomorrow, the New York Times (check the Art section online) will feature an exclusive taped interview with Björk and the ground-breaking directors from Encyclopedia Pictura.

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