Justice: A Little More Info / NPR Interview

"We Are Your Friends" was a huge hit in dance clubs last summer and was remixed by Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay, better known as Justice. They are both former graphic designers who met through mutual friends and share a love for music.

They decided to enter a radio contest to remix the single "Never Be Alone" by the British band Simian. Seeing that they had no experience, they felt that it was easier to remix someone else's song rather than creating an original one.

Auge and Rosnay lost the contest, but the remix found its way to a record company. Their second remix is the song that got people everywhere dancing. They spent a couple of years getting experience, mixing other artist's songs and admit they just wanted to see their name on cds of musicians they listened to.

For the new CD, the pair came up with 12 songs of their own.

"The main idea was to make a kind of 2008 disco opera," Auge says. "We picked up different moods that we wanted for the album, and then we just placed them. We knew we wanted 12 tracks at about 45 minutes in length."

One of the more pop-oriented songs on the album, "D.A.N.C.E.," is a tribute to Michael Jackson. Because it was difficult for Auge and de Rosnay to write lyrics in English, they made the words up entirely from Michael Jackson song titles. The infectious four-minute tune features a London children's chorister singing just slightly off pitch here and there.

"All the singers we cast to sing the song were young, but professional," de Rosnay says. "You just bring them a score and they sing exactly what's written. So we had to write in all the mistakes on the score, so they could sing it just a bit off." [via NPR.Org]

NPR.org interviewed Justice (8:23), you can listen to it here.

The rest of their concert dates can be found here.

"We Are Your Friends (Justice Vs Simian)"