Planetary Group's Skewer SXSW Party

It's all going down at Maggie Mae’s (two floors). Over 2,000 people show up last year for the delicious meats and open bar. On Thursday, March 13th, the grills will be hot and the stage will be even hotter with 5+ hours of some of the greatest performances of 2008.

Bands include: American Princes, Elf Power, Cloud Cult, South, Longwave, Starsailor, The Shackeltons, Mostly Bears, Portugal. The Man, and Look See Proof.

Co-sponsored by Tankfarm Future Sounds and dropcards, Planetary Group’s Skewer party will begin at 12pm until 5:30pm. We will have bag giveaways, filled with goodies and cool stuff!
Don’t worry...the barbeque will come on plates, not in bags.

Go here to sign up for our guestlist so you’ll be sure to get in: