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SXSW Recap/ Blender After Hours/ 3.14.08

The Blender After Hours Party was a little drive to east side. We got here around midnight and the party didn't stop till' 4am. We threw down so much beer there, it was great!! We saw Drive A, The Cool Kids, and Diplo spinning with A-Trak.

The Blender House
The Blender House

I'm not sure if these kids in Drive A are even old enough to drive a car, but they can rock out. We were definitely not expecting it. The four guys play really well together and you can tell they practice a lot.

The Cool Kids
The Cool Kids

The Cool Kids were a lot of fun, just a really good time. Their DJ kept busting out old school beats for them to rap over. At one point, a guy in the crowd beatboxed for them. They even had everyone in the crowd rapping the Fresh Prince theme song (you know you're rapping it right now) cause one of them said the other was dressed like Will Smith.

Diplo, A-Trak and Blaqstar

It was a cool site to see, Diplo and A-Trak spinning together. They've got some skills and just kept the party going. Kid Sister even started dancing on the stage, just for me. Check the video...

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