A Look Back at SXSW Through The Years

Austin360.com looks back at the first ten years of SXSW, from it's humble beginnings in 1987. They even take a look at 1997-2002 as well.

This will be my third SXSW and I couldn't be more excited. Feeling overwhelmed? Me too, there is just so much going on. There are so many good bands and free parties, alcohol, etc. Get those RSVPs in and make sure you get to venues early to get a spot. Take lots of pictures, enjoy drinks with your friends and above all, enjoy all that SXSW is. Hopefully the weather clears up, it was perfect last year.

Are there any bands you need to see during this weeklong experience? Hopefully we helped you discover some new bands with our SXSW Spotlights. Any suggestions on bands we should see? Feel free to discuss in the comments section. If you have questions, drop us an email.