Jaime Lidell Preps New Album, "Jim"

Jamie Lidell is one amazing musician. Watching him open for Beck a couple years back, I was simply blown away. He was onstage doing his thing, all by himself, making beats, distorting and looping his soulful voice. Talk about a great show. His new album Jim drops on April 29, so here's a preview of one of the songs, “Figured Me Out.” In the meantime do yourself a favor and get yourself a copy of Multiply, you won't regret it.

  • Figured Me Out (LA Garage Mix)-mp3

    Keyboards and Prince-like guitars hang suspended over a limber bass line and fluid, improvisatory-feeling drumming, with synths whooshing in occasionally from all sides. “Ple-heaze,” Lidell shouts several times at an anguished pitch still a bit below falsetto, “If I’m easy to read/ Won’t you tell me what I need.” Then he settles into a smooth chorus about being hypnotized and how love with you makes him a “loser winning,” which leads right into a cymbal-crash climax.

Jim Tracklisting:

  1. Another Day
  2. Wait For Me
  3. Out Of My System
  4. All I Want To Do
  5. Little Bit Of Feel Good
  6. Figured Me Out
  7. Hurricane
  8. Green Light
  9. Where D'You Go?
  10. Rope Of Sand

Here's a video for “Little Bit of Feel Good,” another track off of Jim.