Filter Magazine SXSW Day Shows @ Cedar Street

The Filter Magazine SXSW day shows were just announced! It's all going down at Cedar Street Courtyard in Austin, Texas. There will be three days of fun, BBQ, and great music during SXSW! Seriously I had the best time at this party last year (good friends, probably too many cocktails, and some awesome music). It's free so all you have to do is send an email. To RSVP for the shows, email rsvp@filtermmm.com

Thursday, March 13th
Robyn - 5:00 PM
Be Your Own Pet - 4:00 PM
The Duke Spirit - 3:15 PM
Low vs. Diamond - 2:30 PM
Everest - 1:45 PM
The Republic Tigers - 1:00 PM
Two Sheds - Noon

Friday, March 14th
special guest - 5:00 PM
Lightspeed Champion - 4:00 PM
The Wombats - 3:00 PM (**SXSW Spotlight**)
The Pigeon Detectives - 2:15 PM
Los Campesinos - 1:30 PM
Shout Out Louds - 12:45 PM
Born Ruffians - Noon

Saturday, March 15th
special guest - 6:00 PM
Sea Wolf - 5:00 PM
Grand Archives - 4:00 PM (**SXSW Spotlight**)
Devotchka - 3:00 PM (**SXSW Spotlight**)
Castledoor - 2:15 PM
Switches - 1:30 PM
Longwave - 12:45
Gran Ronde - Noon

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