**SXSW Spotlight** Home Video

If you could hear a band and make the statement, "this band would be a perfect fit to open for Radiohead on their new tour", then you might be listening to Home Video. Seriously, these guys make some great music.

Collin Ruffino and David Gross make up Home Video. They connected in high school art class in 1997. Under the instruction of an eccentric painter, who claimed to have been raised in a Louisiana chateau where servants peeled grapes for him to eat, they spent hours drawing still lives of twisted vegetables and rendering the chiaroscuro of adolescent self portraits. Outside of art class, they made a short narrative video starring David, and directed by Collin, a collaborative set up that continues still and perhaps an influence for their band name. Originally from New Orleans, they has since relocated after Katrina to what seems to be the music hotbed right now, Brooklyn, NY.

Originally discovered by Warp Records, the label released Home Video's first two EPs in 2004, both packaged in sleeves illustrated by Collin's dark, Gorey-esque drawings. "That You Might", a 10" single, immediately picked up considerable attention in Britain from BBC Radio 1 and NME, while the five song Citizen EP earned the band a feature in Rolling Stone.

As electronic-rock producers and performers, they record everything themselves, then adapt it live into a full on rock show with live drums and hypnotic visual projections. After sharing a bill in London at the start of Home Video's 2004 European tour, Blonde Redhead were so impressed that they invited the band to support them for three weeks of shows in North America. They have also opened for such diverse acts as Pinback, Colder, Radio 4, and His Name is Alive.

Their most recent release, No Certain Night Or Morning, came out back in 2006, so hopefully they announce a new cd in the near future. They will be gracing us with their prescence for two shows as of now for SXSW. Their live show features Jim Orso on drum. Maybe we'll be hearing some new songs live, although if they played their older songs that would be alright with me too.

SXSW Tourdates:

March 11 - Emo's (The Blakes, Von Bondies, Home Video, The Hands, Oliver Future, Tigercity, Sybris) [inside stage]

March 12 - Club 115 (Mostly Bears, Pataphysics, Faux Fox, Gentleman Auction House, Home Video and Honey Claws) **Home Video plays at 12am**

"Sleep Sweet"