Gorilla vs Booze

Out of all the day shows I will attend during SXSW this is the one I am most excited about. It goes down Wednesday the 12th at 1pm at one of my favorite spots The Peacock. It's pretty much the essential way of kicking off the rest of the weeks festivities and also guarantees that I will be intoxicated by 1:30 on a Wednesday afternoon. Much props to Chris, Garrison and all the others involved in putting on such an awesome event. Check out this crazy motherf**king! line up...

All the info you need + a playlist at GorillavsBear.net

The Cool Kids (Chicago) 4:45pm
Holy Fuck (Toronto) 4:00pm
Bodies of Water (Los Angeles) 3:15pm
Ghosthustler (Denton) 2:30pm
White Williams (Cleveland) 1:45pm
White Denim (Austin) 1:00pm
The Party/Central Booking DJs (Dallas) in between sets