**SXSW Spotlight** Make Model

Make Model are unnoticed now, but just wait. If you like Arcade Fire (seriously, who doesn't?), then check this band out. Formed just over a year ago and comprised of former members of underground Scottish acts Fickle Public (vocalist, guitarist and all-round spokesperson Lewis Gale and bass player James Cameron), Carson (singer/guitarist Gordon Skene and fellow six-string accomplice Matthew Casey) and Dance Lazarus Dance (drummer Ray Black). Add the vocal and keyboard talents of Aimi Gold and you get the six-piece band from Glasgow, Scottland. Their debut album is currently being mixed by Rich Costey (whose credits include Franz Ferdinand and Weezer). It's scheduled for release in mid-summer.

SXSW Tourdates:

March 12, 2008
SXSW - Make Model, Joseph Arthur, Eastern Conference Champions, The Morning Benders, Born in the Flood, Earl Greyhound, Crash Kings, Adam McInnis, Hymns, Warm in the Wake at Habana Calle 6 (709 E. 6th St) [RSVP]
Austin, TX

Mar 13, 2008
SXSW - Bebo presents @ Habana Annex
Austin, TX

Mar 13, 2008
SXSW - Clash @ Friends
Austin, TX

Mar 14, 2008
SXSW - Scottish Showcase @ Latitude 30
Austin, TX

Mar 15, 2008
SXSW - NME @ The Wave
Austin, TX

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