Anti/Utne Reader SXSW Showcase

Another showcase to add to the list everyone.

Anti/Utne Reader SXSW Showcase
March 13th Cedar Street Courtyard featuring:

Devotchka [Myspace]- Perhaps best known for their Grammy nominated soundtrack to Little Miss Sunshine, DeVotchKa capture the dramatic grandeur of the American southwest and impart it onto their gallant version of Eastern European folk and indie rock. They originally started as a backing band for burlesque shows and even toured with festish model Dita Von Teese. Their Anti-Records debut, A Mad and Faithful Telling, is cinematic in its richness, crossing borders and continents as the instruments unspool and singer Nick Urata’s voice soars. It's currently scheduled for release on March 18, 2008.

Billy Bragg [Myspace]- Considered “a national treasure” in his native England, the esteemed populist Billy Bragg has long been a cult hero in the US. In his two and a half decades of carrying the torch, Bragg has melded the folksy populism of Woody Guthrie with the anger and indignation of the Clash, and both are perfectly encapsulated on his Anti- debut Mr. Love and Justice.

The Weakerthans [Myspace]– Reunion Tour is a superb tome from indie rock’s most singular narrators. The 2007 release was recorded after-hours above a closed factory in the cold Canadian spring, weaving the frontier loneliness of the environment into rich lyrical yarns four years in the making. Songs such as “Sun in an Empty Room” and “Civil Twilight” tell of individual journeys with a melancholic empathy that Paste magazine has described as “songs of brutal beauty, little rock n roll vignettes that perfectly capture the malaise of the peculiar, disorienting times in which we live.”

Man Man [Myspace]- Part swampy juke joint brawlers, part smooth Philly warehouse doo-wop crooners, Man Man bring their incomparable vision of "pop music" to bear with Rabbit Habits, their Anti- Records debut. Having honed their legendarily exuberant live show to hypothalamus-tickling perfection opening for such indie stalwarts as Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire and Cat Power, the band has captured the fiery spirit and essence of a Man Man show and etched it into 45 minutes of the most raucous, weirdly moving, spiritually uplifting music this side of Oppenheimer's great beyond.

Tim Fite [Myspace]– straight out of Brooklyn comes the quirky, dense genre bender, likened to both “a novelty rapper and a postmodern, Beck-like acoustic bluesman” by Jim DeRogatis at the Chicago Sun Times. 2007 saw the release of Fite’s scathing examination of consumerism, greed and the farcical nature of hip hop stardom on Over the Counter Culture, a free, web-only record which, despite its seeming obscurity, topped many critics’ top 10 lists for the year. On May 6, Fite will release his defining work, Fair ‘Aint Fair, which combines his anti-consumerist message with rich compelling music and strong degrees of humor and humanity. His first album from 04', 2 Minute Blues, is available to download for free at his website.

Islands [Myspace]– the indie rock innovators from Montreal have just signed with Anti, and Arm’s Way, their follow-up to 2005’s inaugural and magnificent Return To The Sea, will be released on May 20th. Sprawling and symphonic, the new album finds singer/writer Nick Thorburn truly coming into his own as a composer, and the band at the height of their considerable powers as performers.

The Set Times: Billy Bragg (1am), Devotchka (12am), The Weakerthans (11pm), Man Man (10pm), Tim Fite (9pm), Islands (8pm)