Death Cab For Cutie Release Album Details

Chris Walla (guitarist) claims the forthcoming Death Cab For Cutie album, Narrow Stairs, the follow up to 2005's Plans currently being recorded in Seattle, will be "really weird… totally a curve ball," and will, you know, sound "way more lunar than the urban meadow sort of thing that has been happening for the last couple of records." [Via] The new cd will arrive May 13th. They are also playing Coachella, with concert dates sure to follow after their cd is released.

Narrow Stairs tracklisting:

1. "Bixby Canyon Bridge"

2. "I Will Possess Your Heart"

3. "No Sunlight"

4. "Cath"

5. "Talking Bird"

6. "You Can Do Better Than Me (But I Can't Do Better Than You)"

7. "Grapevine Fires"

8. "Your New Twin Size Bed"

9. "The Remainder"

10. "Pity and Fear"

11. "The Ice Is Getting Thinner"

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A small little preview of the making of the new cd