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Tonight: True Widow, The Laughing, Via Audio and Dans La Lune

If you didn't get a ticket to the 101X Christmas Party but still want to go see some good music there is a fantastic show at Stubbs Jr. tonight. So good in fact that we will be literally running from venue to venue the entire evening just to see this great show. 

From Party Ends::

The Laughing just keeps getting better and better with each show and somehow manages to continue to make their older songs faster and more dynamic.  I think these guys practice…. a lot.  I am eager to see  Dans La Lune because lately I have been plowing thru my Kinks greatest hits albums, so I think I am in the right mindset for their Britpop blend of garage and indie rock. The tunes on their myspace page are fun, mostly live, and full of admiration for Ray Davies. Via Audio joins us all the way from New York City where they entertain the North East with their meticulous, eloquent pop.  Finally,  True Widow open up gracing us with their stoner rock set all the way from Dallas.  The whole night just so happens to coincide with Laughing frontman Logan Middleton’s birthday, so be sure to come out and listen to him sling his jungle smut and wish him well.