New Music Release Tuesday : November 4, 2008


If your standing in line waiting to vote this afternoon you might as well have some new music to listen to while you brave the crowds. First off this weeks releases have a couple of very notable side projects. You have Little Joy (Fab Moretti of the The Strokes) and Megapuss (Devendra Banhart) both taking a break from their day "jobs" and trying out a little experimentation. Little Joy will also be stopping in Austin on the 29th of November. [Tickets]

It wasn't released today but it should be mentioned that Black Rebel Motorcycle Club released The Effects of 333 independently on November 1st. No lyrics but they are such phenomenal musicians I am sure it is worth the $6 dollar asking price. You can purchase that [here].

Here are the rest of this weeks notable releases...

Crystal Antlers: EP
CSS: Move
Future Clouds & Radar: Peoria
Illa J: Yancey Boys
Last Shadow Puppets: My Mistakes Were Made for You (single)
Little Joy: Little Joy
Megapuss: Surfing
One Day As A Lion: One Day As A Lion (vinyl)
Travis: Ode to J. smith
Wallpaper : On The Chewing Gum Ground