Last Night: Of Montreal at Fiesta Gardens

Of Montreal was originally scheduled to be the first big act to play at Transmission Entertainment's newly acquired venue, Radio Room. The opening of the Sixth Street venue has been pushed back indefinitely and as a result, the show was moved to the surprisingly under-utilized Fiesta Gardens. Despite some planning miscues that left the will call line snaking around the block, the locale was a perfect setting for the band's flamboyant theatrics. Animated videos, costume changes, and a performance troupe with more esoteric references than a Dennis Miller rant kept the crowd highly energized.

The playlist contained an evenhanded sampling of the band's catalog, though clearly the crowd favored tracks from last year's excellent Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?. Kevin Barnes and company were firing on all cylinders as they launched into A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger. As Kevin "felt the darkness of the black metal bands" the crowd felt the lightness of the bright glam band. My only complaint was that instead of the dozen or so tracks I was still hoping to hear, the band decided to do a cover for their one song encore. But at that point the band had earned the right to try to out-Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand. Which they did. Perhaps my concert cohort summed it up best; "THIS is a show!" Indeed.

-Fernie Martinez
[Photo Credit - Ameliola via Flickr]