Fun Fun Fun Fest Adds To This Year's Lineup

We're definitely excited for next month's Fun Fun Fun Fest. Now it just keeps getting better and better. According to Austin360, new additions include The Black Angels, Octopus Project, Golden Arm Trio, Black Heart Procession, Municipal Waste, Neil Hamburger, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears, James Petralli of White Denim, Spot & Albert, Grampall Jookabox, Ume, Camp X-ray, J Davey, Terp2it, Zeal, Phranchyze, and Dragonboy Suede.

Fx3 Fest is going down November 8-9 at Waterloo Park. Buy tickets here for $59.99. They also have a discount if you're a student, buy those tickets here for $50.99. We've also put all the links to all the new artist's Myspace for you if you like to check them out.

[Fun Fun Fun Fest Official Site]

[The Black Angels Myspace]
[Octopus Project Myspace]
[Golden Arm Trio Myspace]
[Black Heart Procession Myspace]
[Municipal Waste Myspace]
[Neil Hamburger Myspace]
[Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Myspace]
[White Denim Myspace]
[Spot and Albert Myspace]
[Grampall Jookabox Myspace]
[Ume Myspace]
[Camp X-ray Myspace]
[J Davey Myspace]
[Terp 2 it Myspace]
[Zeal Myspace]
[Phranchyze Myspace]
[Dragonboy Suede Myspace]