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Fun Fun Fun Fest Afterparties

Fx3 Fest is a little over a week away and now we have some after parties to look forward to during next weekends festivities. We already mentioned Local Music Is Sexy but now we have the full list to share with you. The best part is that a good amount of the shows are either free or half price with a FFF wristband. So take a look at the selections below and come up with a game plan for which shows you want to catch.

FRIDAY Nov. 7th:
Austinist ‘Local Music Is Sexy’ party w/ Brothers and Sisters, Foot Patrol, Lovely Sparrows, Leatherbag, Eastern Sea and a special FFF secret guest! (FREE, no cover, 21+)

Waxploitation Party
($5, 21+)

Red 7:
Keelhaul, Red X Red M, roller, rat king (in)
Secret FFF guest!! W/ Sista Sekunden (Sweden), Hatred Surge, Blunt Force Trauma (patio)
($10, all ages)

Beauty Bar (sponsored by Southern Comfort):
Djs Klassen and Dj Mel (in)
Young Love, LAX, Visitors (patio stage)
($10, 21+)

SATURDAY Nov. 8th:
Peligrosa Sound System w/ Trey Lopez, Orion
($5 or FREE with a fff wristband!)

White Denim (record release), Dead Confederate, Apollo Sunshine (patio)
Diagonals, Kit, Flying (inside)
($10, half price with a fff wristband!)

Beauty Bar (sponsored by southern comfort):
Devlin & Darko (spank rock djs) w/ Djs Manny/Bigface (in)
w/ Big Black Smoke, Scorpion Child, tba (patio)
($10, half price with wristband)

Red 7:
Recover, Consider the Source, Pack of Wolves, Lipstick Terror (Mexico) (in)
At All Cost, The Jonbenet, Rory and the Artificial Heart (out)
($10, half price with wristband)

SUNDAY Nov. 9th:
Girl In Coma, Bitch and the Exciting Conclusion, Mocktigers
($10, half price with a FFF wristband)

Red 7:
Drag the River (Chad from All)
Wizards Warlocks & Wheeler (Zander of Circle Jerks and Sean of Throwrag)
Scott Reynolds and the Steaming Beast (Scott from All)
+ special suprise guests!
Djing on patio by Jim Bradford
($10, half price with a FFF wristband!)

Beauty Bar:
Kutmasta Kurt (Kool Keith's Dj), Richard Henry and more
($5 or FREE with a FFF wristband)