Last Night: Mad Decent Tour (Denver)

The Mad Decent Tour rolled into Denver last night to a some-what small crowd. Although we managed to catch rockers Abe Vigoda it was superstar producer/dj Diplo that brought the crowd to its feet once he took his turn on the one’s and two’s. With help from a dancing pizza and hot dog the crowd danced the night away to the beat of Diplo’s mastery on the turntables. Blending a variety of genres into his set, Diplo manages to create a musical opera for the masses to absorb. The Mad Decent Tour included fresh sets from Boy 8 Bit and Brooklynites Telepathe as well as rockers Abe Vigoda. Be sure to catch the tour at Emo’s on November 7th.

More pics here:

Diplo-Reckoner Remix (Radiohead) (mp3)