Feist: "Honey Honey" Video

The new video for Feist's "Honey, Honey" was directed by Anthony Seck in Calgary with help from the Old Trout Puppet Workshop (with whom Leslie Feist apprenticed with as a teen), which also produced puppetry for the early 1990's blockbuster Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

We got the chance to see her earlier this year at Stubb's, you can check out our pics/video here.

"I've always been really obsessed with the naivete of puppeteering, the non-technological impact of it, "Feist said earlier this year during the filming of the video. "It's a hand pulling a string at the exact right moment, or it's personifying a piece of wood. There are no computers, no buttons. It's just ingenuity and timing and the humanness of the moment. The joints of wood mixed with the joints of blood and bone." - Canada.com

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