Coldplay Reveal Details / Artwork On Prospekts March

2008 has been Coldplay's year. After releasing Viva La Vida and selling out many, many venues all over the world, you think the band would have to be satisfied, right? No. Their recording sessions with Brian Eno proved to very productive. On November 25, Coldplay plans to release a new EP, entitled Prospekts March. The album art features another painting by French artist Eugene Delacroix called Battle of Poitiers.

The new EP will also be featured in a Viva La Vida deluxe edition.

From Coldplay:

We are very proud of these and excited to release them. They have each been the subject of many discussions and arguments. Some might be considered too catchy or too heavy for Coldplay songs but in our minds they complete the Viva La Vida picture. You can see Coldplay's first ever performance of "Glass of Water" (featuring Albert Hammond Jr.) played in Antwerp, Belguim on October 4th by going here.
1. Life In Technicolor II
2. Postcards From Far Away
3. Glass of Water
4. Rainy Day
5. Prospekts March / Poppyfields
6. Lost + (with Jay-Z)
7. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
8. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

Prospekts March EP will be released on the following dates:
Wednesday, November 19 - Japan (digitally, physical to follow in January), Sweden (digitally on Nov 21)
Friday, November 21 - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, South Africa
Saturday, November 22 - Australia
Monday, November 24 - UK, rest of the world
Tuesday, November 25 - USA, Canada, Spain
Tuesday, December 9- Argentina

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