Emo's Free Week


[Inside] Those Peabodys, Ugly Beats, Black Joe Lewis, Transmography

[Outside]Lions, Brothers and Sisters, A Few Nice Things, Strange Attractors, Alright Tonight

[Lounge] Hex Dispensers, Ape-Shits, Teeners, Party Garbage, Scrabble Robot


[Inside] Cruiserweight, The Applicators, The Little Bicycles, The Anchor, Masonic

[Lounge] Car Stereo (Wars), Kevin A. (from Moth! Fight!), Quiet Lovely, La Snacks

[Outside] The Strange Boys, The Crack Pipes, Zykos, Brazos, Lalaland


[Inside] Ume, Red Leaves, Tre Orsi, Sharks and Sailors, Follow That Bird!

[Lounge] Til We're Blue or Destroy, Bee vs. Moth, Benko, Noise Revival Orchestra


[Inside] Scorpion Child, Big Black Smoke, Consider the Source, Panther Zora, Cobretti

[Lounge] Pleasant Grove, Hollywood Gossip, The Easies, Many Birthdays, Single Frame


[Lounge] Kissinger, The Midgetmen, Nathan Singleton and his Sideshow Tragedy, The Blind Pets

[Inside] Pack of Wolves, Warwolf, The Roller, Disgruntled I Hate You Face, Confuzatron


[Inside] Australian Cattle God showcase with The Snake Trap, Megazilla, Manikin, Good Times Crisis Band, Red X Red M, A formatik Ontact

[Outside] Australian Cattle God showcase with Lick Lick, Cat Scientist, Gorch Fock, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Tia Carrera


[Inside] Rubble, Dazzling King Solomon, Cavedweller, Bridges and Blinking Lights

[Lounge] Ringo Deathstarr, My Education, The Boxing Lesson, Horse + Donkey, The Story Of

[Outside] Crash Gallery, Lax, The Laughing, Death is Not a Joyride, Snafu Kitties

Photo: Matt Wright via Flickr