Magnetic Morning

Magnetic Morning is a New York duo made up of Adam Franklin from Swervedriver and Sam Fogarino, the drummer from Interpol. A mutual friend introduced them during a dinner and a new side project was born. They both share song writing duties, with Franklin rockin' the vocals and Fogarino handling the sticks. They were formerly known as The Setting Suns but the moniker closely resembled that of another band. Their EP was scheduled for release on February 5th but instead will be released in March via DH Records. I really like the song Don't Go To Dream State.


  1. Cold War Kids

  2. Yesterday's Flowers

  3. The Way Love Used To Be (Kinks Cover)

  4. Don't Go To Dream State

  5. Cold War Kids (Get Cladius)
  6. Cold War Kids (Cole Porter Kids)

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[Myspace] The Setting Suns (Still Have Two Songs Under Their Old Name)

[Myspace] DH Records (Has Yesterday's Flowers)

FYI......Franklin has had the "Cold War Kids" idea for some time and didn't name the song after a certain band as I know many of you were thinking. He says the inspiration behind the song was David Bowie's Heroes, the film Christaine F, and a song called Only The Dead Dreams Of A Cold War Kid by Hawklords.