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Because I have not written about GLO in days....

Ghostland Observatory have announced March 4th for the release date of Robotique Majestique. The track "Heavy Heart" recently got added to the Dec 30th playlist on the 101X show "Next Big Thing with Andy Langer" so if you want to hear the track check out the show this Sunday 6-10pm. They will more than likely play it again...

[Next Big Thing]


I received this email from Andy Langer and those who missed hearing the track this weekend will have to wait just a bit longer. But I still highly suggest checking out the show this Sunday!!
Much thanks To Andy for taking the time to give us the info! Here's the email...

Saw the post…thanks for the mention…unfortunately, we asked Thomas to use the track specifically and only for last weekend’s “Next Big Thing Weekend.” (It played several times throughout the weekend and then on my show itself). As a courtesy – and a nod to the quaint old days where release dates mattered- since it’s a March release I don’t suspect we’ll play it for a few weeks – and then we’ll hit it hard in February (unless of course it pops up on a music blog somewhere sooner.) Anyway, that’s the news. Hope all is well.